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Ford of Upland prioritizes the well-being of your everyday driving around Upland and Ontario, and we work to keep your sedan, truck, or SUV running as intended. Understanding the transmission’s health is integral to its performance, we can assist you in sustaining the performance of your favorite Ford vehicle for years to come.

If you need transmission repair near Rancho Cucamonga, California, schedule an appointment with our team today. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the road!

Do I Need Transmission Repair?

Do I Need Transmission Repair?

Detecting warning signs early can prevent severe transmission issues. Among the various indicators to keep an eye on, three crucial signs stand out. If you notice a delay when trying to switch gears, this can indicate potentially severe problems with your Ford’s transmission. Whether it’s a fraction of a second or an elongated pause, you shouldn’t ignore this red flag.

Additionally, strange noises, such as grinding or whining, during gear shifts could indicate worn-out gears or low transmission fluid. Lastly, keep an eye out for visible leaks, often red or brown in color, as they may signify leaks from the transmission system that require immediate inspection and repair.

Transmission Repair at Our Ford Service Center

Transmission Repair at Our Ford Service Center

Our Ford service center is a hub of expertise dedicated to maintaining your Ford’s transmission efficiency. Through our commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive services tailored to address any transmission-related concerns your vehicle might encounter.

Our certified technicians possess in-depth knowledge specific to Ford transmissions, employing cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and utilizing genuine Ford parts. Whatever you need, whether it’s a routine fluid check or intricate repairs, our service center ensures precise and efficient solutions to restore your vehicle’s transmission to its peak performance.

Trust Ford of Upland for Transmission Repair

Ford of Upland wants to be your partner in the Golden State for all transmission needs. Our commitment extends beyond quality service; we aim to provide peace of mind by maintaining the reliability of your Ford vehicle’s transmission.

With a convenient location and a team of skilled professionals, our service center offers a seamless experience for addressing transmission issues. Keep your Ford vehicle performing at its best with transmission repair in Upland, Ontario, and Rancho Cucamonga, CA! Schedule your appointment today.

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