How often do I need to change my windshield wipers?

Windshield wipers are one of those things on a car, truck or SUV that don’t get as much respect as they really deserve. They're one of those items we take for granted and always expect to be there and working whenever and wherever we need them. In fact, the only time most of us will even think about them at all is when we call upon them and they don’t clear the screen as well as we'd expect them to. The problem with this kind of attitude though, is that if they're left until they fail, the moment they do fail could be extremely dangerous.

2019 Ford Flex

Imagine for a second you're on the freeway travelling at close to the speed limit. It's just started to rain and you’re just passing, or getting passed by, a big rig spraying out water and dirt from its wheels. Before the wipers do their thing you can’t see anything, but what if they just smear the windshield and leave you unsighted? As long as you get though the experience unscathed, you'll instantly have more respect for your wipers and pay more attention in future to scheduled windshield wipers replacement.

Wear and tear

You don’t have to be a certified vehicle technician to be able to spot wipers that need replacing, but waiting until they have obviously passed their best isn’t really best practice. If you check your wiper blades and see the thin rubber is cracked, split or worn away, they obviously need to be replaced. However, it's always going to be better to change them on a regular basis so they are always working properly when you need them and they never get to the point of failing. We all like to get the most out of wear and tear items before we pay out to replace them, but windshield wipers are not expensive and they're an essential part of vehicle safety.

When to change

Where you drive and the kind of climate and weather you experience throughout the year has a big bearing on how often you might need to think about windshield blades replacement. It stands to reason that the more you have to use your wipers the faster they're going to need replacing. But once again, why push your blades to the limit when replacing them early is so affordable and can enhance the safety of you and your passengers so greatly?

Most experts suggest we replace our wiper blades on an annual basis, which is convenient as it corresponds to the interval most manufacturers specify for servicing for those doing average miles per year. Like servicing and oil changes, if you do significantly more than average mileage you'll have to change your wiper blades more often.

Blade types

There are also a number of different blades to choose from these days, and the lifespan of each differs. The cheapest and most common are the rubber blades we've been referring to so far here, and they have the shortest lifespan of the available types. Also available are halogen-hardened rubber blades that last a little longer than standard rubber, and then there are silicon blades that are the longest-lasting of all.

For more information about the right blades for you vehicle and how often you need to get them changed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Ford of Upland today.